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    24th November 2014

    SPEAKER 19
    George Beattie

    A video of the last day at William Stephens’s St Margaret's Bakery was shown by Ian Terris.
    Their mission was “To bake the best quality and merit a share of public support”
    His bakery and subsequent owners have followed this motto with great success.

    George Beattie introduced this video and then informed us about Stephen’s new Bakery at Primrose Industrial Estate in Rosyth. He told us about the latest ventures with – direct service vans and drive through Bakeries – these new ventures are keeping Stephen’s the Bakers at the forefront of their industry.

    VOT Harry Gersham

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    22nd September 2014

    SPEAKER 16
    Eric Simpson

    Holidays in Scotland- Eric is one of Scotland's most prolific authors - particularly about Fife. “Dunfermline Through Time” a well-known and informative paperback. ‘Hail Caledonia’, Aberdour and Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing are a few of other issue by Eric.
    His illustrated talk on 'bathing pools from the 1900s, based on his other book - The Scottish Seaside Holiday’ brought back members memories of 'dooking in the Freezing Forth'.

    VOT - Bryan Paterson


    13th October 2014

    Speaker 17
    Moss Barcley

    Moss Barclay is the Chair of the 'Street Pastors’ Management Team.
    They patrol in teams, usually from 10 pm to 4 am on a Friday and Saturday night, to care and help people who are out on the streets. The team provide this caring service to those in need when 'under the weather' and in various states of distress.
    Working alongside others giving their Christian time in a less than tranquil scenario. Difficult to find sufficient praise for their activities.

    VOT Bill Stark


    10th November 2014

    SPEAKER 18
    St Columbus school Team

    St Columba’s High School’s visit to Bangalore was to assist and to find out what the Association of People with Disabilities School does. They raised £12,000 and ‘went native’ on arrival with basic digs and meals. Helping the children to read and write, singing and dancing. They went to slum areas where they said that it was the worst experience they had ever had. - smells, flies, cockroaches and rats with rubbish lying around. They walked by a man lying in the road - he was dead.

    VOT Colin Wilson

  • MP v MSP

    11th August 2014

    SPEAKER 13
    Willie Rennie MSP

    Willie Rennie Scottish Parliament MSP (Ex-Westminster MP) - gave the members an interesting insight into the both the UK parliaments, having served in both of them. The comparison covered many topics from Westminster's 'pomp & circumstance' to Holyrood's less effective 'question time'. On balance - given his expert opinion - London's practices were a little superior. A very interesting and light-hearted talk.

    VOT Bob Hamilton.


    25th August 2014

    SPEAKER 14
    Leslie Furnell

    Heart warming talk from Leslie. The reaction of these children to the horses was marvellous; their bonding with the gentle nature of the animals was memorable.
    Hard to find sufficient praise for the time and effort given by helpers who ensure the charity continues to flourish.
    Leslie, excellent speaker, conveyed admirably the RDA's unique care of these children.

    VOT - Bryan Paterson


    8th September 2014

    SPEAKER 15
    Richard Lloyd

    They with a history re children. In the 1800s children were hanged. 200yrs ago children were sent to the colonies;
    100 years ago children were lashed
    In 1971 had the basis of the Children`s Panel.
    since then. 1995 we had the Children`s Act. 2011 but the basis of the Children’s` Panel is still the Kilbrandon Report. Fife has 150 panel members and 14 Hearing Sessions are held every week.

    VOT Brian Rowland.


    23rd June 2014

    SPEAKER 10
    David Simpson

    The Rev. talk covered the period from the Romans to King Malcolm 111
    The spread of Christianity across Scotland was 'well kent' as far as Iona and St. Columba. Gelletland was an ancient name for the land lying between Dunfermline and the shores of the river Forth. The lesser known Christian advancement across 'the lands of Gellet' was outlined in detail; specific dates and locations enlightened the members to these relatively unknown activities.

    VOT Bill Kendrick


    14th July 2014

    SPEAKER 11 Kate Fuller

    The Initiative`s area covers 200 Sq Km. In 2014, the National Lottery Fund awarded the Initiative a grant of £1.9 million for 4 years A lottery funded body, the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative (IFLI) is an exciting programme of work that will conserve, enhance and celebrate the unique landscape and heritage of the upper reaches of the Firth of Forth. Kate explained some of the 50 projects the group ere involved in for the benefit of the forth Valley.

    VOT George McBain


    28th July 2014

    SPEAKER 12
    Derek Abbott

    The path is from Kincardine to Dysart,
    His talk covered all aspects - from buildings and structures to the wildlife to be seen, particularly the bird life and the flora of the area.
    With a total length at 117 miles long it is longer than the West Highland Way; it has excellent beaches; 52% of visitors come for short trips with 27% visiting on holiday. Although long, if required/desired, it is always possible to break off at many points and return with public transport.

    VOT - Garson Gillies


    12th May 2014

    Peter Klemen

    It's surprising what lies just below the ground level here in Dunfermline.
    Apart from the obvious relics one could expect and given the limited time and access allowed the team found masses of man made material from pottery to leather goods. The most striking perhaps the German glazed relic.
    One was left with the opinion that given more time the discoveries would have multiplied.

    VOT Eddie Taylor.


    26th May 2014

    Martha MacLauchlan

    Martha MacLauchlan & Laura Murray from Fife Council, gave a report on how Fife Council was, “Tackling Climate Change”. She also advised on reducing energy consumption, save home costs-cavity/loft insulation; lagging water pipes; replace less efficient central heating boilers; light bulbs and boiling less water. Those who spend 10%+ of their are in fuel poverty are in fuel poverty; spending 20%+ are in extreme fuel poverty.

    VOT George Beattie


    9th June 2014

    Lesley Botten

    Lesley oversees the Museum designed, built and commissioned.
    The illustrated talk explained how the “old” Maygate Bank building would be refurbished.
    He explained how the new Museum would centre on 1603 showing Murison Collection of Burns memorabilia. A new café/shop and viewing gallery will be included in the building and is on target to open in the summer of 2017.

    VOT Bill Kendrick


    Feb 2014

    Stan Welch

    His talk was more than snowdrops;
    The club had an excellent country talk across paths and though woodland.
    He went on to inform us about the history around Valleyfield, in particular the families that managed the estates. Sir Robert Preston build Valleyfield House,(above) but it fell into ruin and was demolished in 1941. The trip ended with a visit to the excellent stable housing lots of horses. A most informative talk about our county of Fife which was much appreciated.

    VOT Ian Dewar


    10th March 2014

    Alistair Chisholm

    Alistair CE (Fife) gave us an intro into the Queensferry Crossing in the bridge's Visitor's Centre - a future Club Outing.
    His animated slides gave an excellent view of the new roads layout-both North and South. The three huge caissons will soon have the tall towers rising up from their secure base for all to see. The benefits of a Cable Stayed crossing over the other Suspension Forth Bridge crossing were made clear . An excellent talk .

    VOT Ian Dewar


    14th April 2014

    Steve Liscoe

    Steve's excellent presentation gave a grand view of the astonishing number of shipwrecks in the Forth.Of the 13,000 archaeological sites in Fife, 1,600 are shipwrecks

    A skilled diver, Steve's team ensure the records of these unfortunate vessels are as accurate as possible..

    The lasting aspect of the talk was the dreadful loss of life in many of these ships.

    VOT Jack Lawrence


    Jan 2014

    Eddie Taylor

    Eddie, a committee member of the Club, gave a most interesting talk on the formation of the SVBC here in Fife. Their buses are often seen taking passengers around Fife.
    The amount of work he and his colleagues put into the museum, as a mere pastime, was astonishing. A real asset to Fife, tourist attractions and well worth a visit.

    VOT Bryan Kirkwood


    Jan 2014

    Hugh Walker

    Hugh from Dunfermline
    subject matter was WCs -Hugh admitted his was an unusual hobby. He had brought along two of his collection of WCs to highlight points.
    Starting from the Romans, he explained the evolution of toilets through the ages.
    NOTE: "Toilets have saved more lives than any other device ever made"

    VOT Gilmour Scoon


    Feb 2014

    Mary Welsh

    Mary - a Custodian with the Abbey - was 'well kent' by many members- knowledge of the Abby's history was total. 8 Kings and 24 Royals are buried in the Abbey-King Robert the Bruce's grave under the pulpit was centred first. She had time to fit in some laughter with the encounters she experienced with the multitude of Abbey visitors.

    VOT Danny Williamson


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