• BEAT IN THE 1960s

    25 November 2013

    Speaker 20
    George Beattie

    George’s topic was “Tales from the Beat in the 1960s”. It was a most entertaining and hilarious canter through George’s experiences as a local Policeman and the characters he had met. George punctuated the whole thing with jokes. It did not however try to hide the tough job the police had to handle.

    VOT Harry Gresham


    12 October 2013

    Speaker 17
    Jack Dempsey

    He stated that to avoid the lights going out soon, coal and nuclear generated power were essential to the overall mix. Power generated by wind and other renewables was never declared to be -as it is-insufficient.Nuclear provides a reliable, safe, clean base load of energy

    VOT Cowan Reid


    28 October 2013

    Speaker 18
    David Easton

    He described in detail the coastal and ant-aircraft gun emplacements, pill boxes, ammunition depots and anti-tank blocks. The guns of Inchcolm and Inchmickery were first manned on 16 March 1915, when a detachment of 72 NCOs and men landed on the two islands

    VOT Douglas Ferguson


    11 November 2013

    Speaker 19
    John Marshall

    He began by showing photographs of how his father got him into the business of farming in Auchtermuchty and cultivating strains of potatoes.
    He showed the different areas including Arran where they are grown in Scotland and explained how seaweed is a good fertilizer for them.

    VOT Colin Wilson


    26 August 2013

    Speaker 14
    Dunfermline pupils

    Nine senior pupils and a one teacher were on a Duke of Edinburgh award scheme to Morocco; a choice made after much research. They all had a chance to say how struck they were by the beauty of the countryside and how privileged they were to have access to the much better facilities they had and enjoyed here at Dunfermline

    VOT Colin Wilson


    9 September 2013

    Speaker 15
    Bill Dewar & Martha Fyffe

    The Team dealt with some 280 buildings; with an annual budget of £16.8 million. Fife also must pay £900,000 per year for excessive carbon emissions. They have been set a target to reduce these carbon emissions by 3% per year. One area where they had been successful was in replacement of lighting systems

    VOT Brian Rowland


    23 September 2013

    Speaker 16
    John Helliwell

    A charity that aims to provide every child around the world with one good meal every day in a place of education. Ten years on from since it was started by Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow it is now has almost 800,000 children being fed and educated every day in 16 countries - especially Africa where they greatly benefitted.

    VOT Cowan Reid


    8 July 2013

    Speaker 12
    David Wilson

    A 6th generation Kilmenny blacksmith and farrier ex-World Champion at the Calgary Stampede now a world farrier judge. David had an album of very interesting photos of horses, tools and instruments used by the blacksmith/farrier.
    It was clear that the Clydesdale is his favourite horse.

    VOT George


    22 July 2013

    Speaker 13
    Roger Pickering

    With the aid of some very interesting relative photographs he drew attention to the remains of trenches-Dunfermline’s WW 11 Anti- Invasion Defences-dug by the Polish troops billeted in Pittencrieff Glen; some concrete blocks that can still be seen in Pittencrieff Street, which would have been used as road blocks

    VOT Grant Stiven


    12 August 2013

    Speaker 14
    Iain Valentine

    It took six years to get through the political and zoological problems. Fortunately, Scotland’s climate is almost identical to the Panda’s allowing it to settle in very well. it emerged that the female had a difficult disposition which made it difficult for the staff to determine whether she was pregnant

    VOT Bob Hamilton


    27 May 2013

    Speaker 9
    Colin Steer

    The Talking Newspaper for those visually impaired. Ron Daniel initiated the service in 1976. Fife Society for the Blind financed the initial cost and at various times since, the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust has also assisted financially. Harry Gresham and Peter Crabb were also involved.

    VOT Eddie Taylor,


    10 June 2013

    Speaker 10
    Colin McKenzie

    The origins of the charity went back to 1936 when the founder, Chad Varah, an ordained Anglican priest, had to officiate at the funeral of a 14-year-old girl when he and the grave digger were the only ones present. The Prince of Wales is their Patron. Their objective is to reduce the number of suicides.

    VOT Garson Gillies


    24 June 2013

    Speaker 11
    Alistair Tod

    Alistair Tod visited Galapagos Islands in 2010. Alistair showed many excellent slides The Islands which now belong to Equador were discovered by the Spanish in 1532. They became famous after the visit by Charles Darwin in 1835 and wrote “The Origin of the Species” in 1859

    VOT Bill Kendrick


    8 April 2013

    Speaker 6
    Rab McLaren

    Rab opened with a warning for the squeamish. Rab explained the magnitude of the disaster. 250,000 dead and many more injured in the area. With water travelling at 600 mph and waves 60 feet high. There are 5,500 people known to have died Rab’s team identified 4,800.

    VOT Jack Lawrence.


    22 April 2013

    Speaker 7
    Andrew Watson

    “Chocolate, The Food of The Gods”. Douglas explained it all started in 300/400 AD with the Mayans, then the Aztecs. These cultures drank it as a cold drink. Members were given samples to taste the different flavours and additives. The Spaniards in 16 century drank chocolate hot.


    13 May 2013

    Speaker 8
    Craig Tait

    The Talking Newspaper for those visually impaired. Ron Daniel initiated the service in 1976. Fife Society for the Blind financed the initial cost and at various times since, the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust has also assisted financially. Harry Gresham and Peter Crabb were also involved.

    VOT Eddie Taylor

  • FMC

    25 February 2013

    Speaker 4
    Jim Tait

    FMC does at its Dunfermline complex. FMC designs, manufactures and supplies machinery to the oil industry. The Dunfermline plant employs some 800 of FMC’s total workforce of 1000. At Dunfermline they deal with sub-sea machinery. The firm started in Dunfermline in 1988. It currently employs 120 design engineers

    VOT Alan Bayliss


    11 March 2013

    Speaker 5
    Jack Dempsey

    Aramco helped fund the 10-day trek. The group landed at Nairobi, Kenya and made its way over the Tanzanian border to the start of the Marengo route. The mountain is a dormant volcano that is 5895 metres) high. 110 kilometres in 5 days. They had 30 porters and protective clothing provided by the company.
    VOT Ian Dewar

  • AGM
    25 March 2013


    14 January 2013

    Speaker 1
    Jack Pryde

    Jack who is a tour guide knows Dunfermline. He showed a series of photographs featuring people and places in Dunfermline and District. Jack indicated the enormous historic place we have here in Dunfermline. With this in mine he asked members to be ambassadors for Dunfermline

    VOT Douglas Beacher.


    28 January 2013

    Speaker 2
    John Read

    In 1130, the first ale licence was issued – soon there was 52 ale houses in Fife. The largest brewers in Dunfermline were the monks of Dunfermline Abbey. Fife breweries included the Pitfirrane House, Brucehaven Brewery Limekilns; Rhodes Brewery at Bothwell Street, and Abbey Gardens Beer.

    VOT Douglas Beacher.


    11 February 2013

    Speaker 3
    PC McLeod & Laird

    They began by saying there were 7 Crime Prevention Officers in Fife. They showed how criminals working in threes can get your details and pin numbers from the cash machines.
    Call the police Call Centre, for a free home security check. 65yrs? have a free monitoring system.

    VOT Bill Wyse.