22 October 2012

    Bob Hamilton

    He improved his energy efficiency in his home by around 40%, mainly by loft or floor insulation, using logs for heating and changing light bulbs in the house. He gave examples such as lagging pipes, using an Eco Kettle, using the immersion heater in the summer changing bulbs to LEDs

    VOT Douglas Ferguson


    12 November 2012

    Barbara McKenzie

    The Initiative helps to match those who volunteer as Advocates with clients, to the point where the Advocates are often the gateway to helping their client to mix better socially. The Advocates also find these relationships beneficial; “fulfilling, rewarding, challenging."

    VOT Colin Wilson


    26 November 2012

    Ian Grieve

    This had been set up by Father Angelo D’Agostini in 1992 at Nyumbani in Kenya to give holistic care to orphans many of whom suffered from HIV. The orphanage currently catered for 120 orphans who lived in “families” of about 8 with a “Mum” to look after them

    VOT Harry Gresham


    10 September 2012

    Lawrence Lowe

    A detailed history of the company. In 1964 it then introduced a car with a Rover V8 engine; 8 cylinder 3528cc. that did 0-60 mph in 6 seconds. The new Morgan image is its Aero Supersports, 367 bhp costing £90,000 – a toned down version of its Aero8 Aeromax racing car.



    24 September 2012

    Mike Murray

    Many members know the Dockyard. Mike head of engineering projects with Babcock at the Dockyard. He spoke in detail about 3 phases of the ‘Yard’s history; 1903 -1916 (setting up the ‘Yard); 1968 – 2002 (the Nuclear era); and 2008 onwards (preparing for the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft carriers



    8 October 2012

    Derek Bethune

    He gave the following facts about Australia:- 6th largest landmass; largest island; temperatures from 50.7 degrees to minus 23 degrees centigrade; population 22 million; the aboriginal people had inhabited the land for 50,000 years; the first Europeans came to Australia in 1788



    23 July 2012

    Andrew Arbuckle

    Andrew recalled witnessing the practice of “feeing” as a young man during the 1950’s. This had taken place outside the Corn Exchange at Cupar and involved unemployed farm workers standing outside the building with their hands held out, literally begging for work

    VOT Garson Gillies


    13 August 2012

    Alison Baxter

    The Society started in 1989 and her late husband was a founder member. As a memory to Ian a DVD was produced and this was the basis of her talk today. The money from the sale of the DVD goes to various charities including the Cardiology Department at the Hospital and Dunfermline Sound

    VOT Bob Hamilton


    27 August 2012

    Dennis Cook

    An inherited disease that was progressive and, so far incurable. There were 2 types of the disease, “Dry” and “Wet”. Eyesight gradually disappears with the centre of the eye allowing the individual to see partially but the outer vision gets fuzzier making stairs hazardous

    VOT Bryan Paterson


    11 June 2012

    Speaker: 9
    Keith Mason

    He explained that the Dunfermline trams were the only ones to be run as a commercial business; by Balfour Beattie. The others in Scotland were run by local authorities. They started in 1906 and ceased in 1937 when Alexander’s buses became responsible for local transport.

    VOT Grant Stiven


    25 June 2012

    Speaker: 10
    Colin Speer

    Drugs Liaison Officer for Fife Police First he has responsibility for intelligence and enquiry into deaths directly as a result of drug Secondly, he provides up-to date information on the current drug scene in Fife to the Police, to those providing Care Services and to Doctors

    VOT Bill Kendrick


    9 July 2012

    Speaker: 11
    Lillian King

    She began by saying that the women worked down the mines for over SIX HUNDRED years. The first woman killed down the mines was in 1332. The last women left the mines in 1967. The disgrace was that miners were like slaves to the mine owners and they had no rights.

    VOT George McBain


    20 April 2012

    David Scouler

    David gave a most amusing, whimsical and nostalgic speech entitled, “30 Years in Showbiz and nobody knows me”. David is a comedian who through playing small parts had met many of the great comedians working the variety circuit. He had also been in films.

    VOT Jim Dick


    14 May 2012

    Speaker: 7
    Giff Bradley

    3,500 professionally trained nurses working for McMillan they need £700 million more this year than last. Legacies are a good way of giving. The Cornhill Hospital, a purpose built hospital for cancer patients, had recently been opened behind Perth Royal Infirmary at a cost of £3.75m

    VOT Jim Dick


    28 May 2012

    Speaker: 8
    Jack Eadie

    Mr. Eadie had followed in the footsteps of his father as MD of Inverkeithing Shipbreakers at St David’s Harbour. He gave an in depth talk about the life and work of a shipbreaking firm with its dangers and difficulties; health and safety, competition from overseas countries.

    VOT Bryan Kirkwood

  • BURKE and HARE

    27 February 2012

    Speaker 4:
    Gordon Findlater

    A lecturer of Anatomy at Edinburgh University” gave a most interesting, humorous and informative talk about these two murderers who supplied cadavers to Edinburgh School of Anatomy during the 1820’s. Burke was hanged, publicly on 28 January 1828 in the Grassmarket before 25,000 people

    VOT Alan Bayliss


    12 March 2012

    Speaker 5:
    Dr Michael Brown

    Dr Brown mentioned the following castles; Lochore near the entrance to Country Park) Maiden at Kennoway (a motte) Leuchars, Cupar, Falkland, St Andrews, Lochleven, Aberdour, Rosyth, Lordscairnie (near Cupar) Creich (Wormit) Balgonie, Ravenscraig, Falkland Palace, Monimail Tower

    VOT Brian Rowland


    9 April 2012

    Speaker 6:
    Douglas Watson

    It all started in 300AD with the Mayans, then the Aztecs. These cultures drank it as a cold drink.. The Spaniards in 16 century drank chocolate hot. The British and Europeans made chocolate. Douglas had it chocolate was now considered to have good medicinal properties.

    VOT Jack Lawrence

  • CARF

    9 January 2012

    Speaker: 1
    Andy Price

    CARF is a charity which saves Fife about £11 million a year. Its several offices throughout Fife, staffed by volunteers with their Finance Director Andy They give advice to the public about goods and services, help with heating, unemployment issues and, particularly in Fife, debt and bankruptcy

    VOT Bryan Kirkwood


    23 January 2012

    Speaker: 2
    Keith McCartney

    A golf historian. Keith traced the life and career of Tom Morris, one of the founding fathers of modern golf He learned how to set up and run a golf club. and laid out over 100 golf courses throughout the UK and Ireland. The last was in he managed was in 1904 at Balwearie. Died in 1908; his son Tom carried on the work

    VOT Douglas Beecher


    13 February 2012

    Speaker: 3
    Justin Dowds

    The charity found in Germany helps Haiti, after the earthquake disaster. During the last 12 months the islanders now had clean water from several water purification plants and employment in building a training centre for doctors – the centre was well underway and would also serve as a clinic for dentists

    VOT Bill Wyse